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Pope Francis encourages us to treat our Earth with care. In his encyclical On Care For Our Common Home, Laudato Si’, he writes, “…we need only take a frank look at the facts to see that our common home is falling into serious disrepair.” (L.S. #61)

The parish ministry team called the Earth Shepherds – quietly and with determination – works to repair damage to “our common home” which our brother Jesus shared 2000 years ago.

To mark the occasion of Earth Day (April 22), the Earth Shepherds invite you to register for a free drawing to win a houseful of energy-efficient, money-saving L.E.D. light bulbs.

Registration Details

  1. Go to the parish office.
  2. Place your name and contact information on a 3x5 index card provided next to a green box found on the table in the parish office. 
  3. One entry per household, please.

Over 24 L.E.D. light bulbs of various sizes will be awarded to the lucky winner!

You may want to share in the fun at the public drawing to be held at the Monday, May 8 Earth Shepherds meeting in Room 33. Refreshments will be served. Attendance not required. Don’t miss out.

For more information, call parishioners David Oen (513-205-8603) or James Heileman (513-531-7336). 

Thank you!

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