Relationships & Marriage Matters


Five Steps to "Closeness"

As we come to know each other, we recognize both who we are as a person, and who our spouse or “significant other” is as unique. We recognize ourselves and those whom we love as part of the same mirroring process. This experience of empathy is a back and forth flow of feeling which helps us to trust and grow “closer.”

Consider joining us for the four remaining Wednesday evenings of discussion and a DVD presentation.


  • May 16—Empathy
  • May 30—Trust
  • June 13—Love/Intimacy
  • June 27—Love/Intimacy

Time: 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Location: Room 15

Pre-Registration: To help with our planning, please email Jack Peltz to let him know you will be attending. For further questions, please call Jack at 489-8815 ext. 709.